I’m not feeling very philosophical. Neither do I feel complacent. I have been thinking about friends of mine again, wondering how people are. I think about Terry and the stuff he is doing in some city in the middle of California… not one of those romantic shoreline cities, but in one of those places you hear about that’s on a road going somewhere.

This weekend is the NY Marathon and Chippie will probably be running in it. I have not seen him on-line, so he has probably been out running to prepare. Sleeping to prepare. I am so jealous.

Someone at work went to Buffalo, NY and brought back pictures and I thought about Ian. He lives in Rochester, but the cities are relatively close. It made me miss the North East. The North East has a character unlike anywhere else that embodies “Americana” (in my opinion) more than anywhere.

I also had a dream about Trish Kamminga… I dreamed I saw her walking across a foot ball field and I called out to her… she turned and around and did not recognize me right away. Then she finally did I told me I gained a lot of weight…. hmmm.

Dad asked me about another ghost from Scotters-Past… Eric. He was a year behind me in high school and dad though he was in my college grad pics from Culinary school… I said no, that was Keith.

I talked to ToplessEd (AIM screenname) for Holloweenie… 8″ minimum please… ha ha ha… and I miss him too. He is just the funniest.

When I leave LV I can hardly think of one person I will miss here. When I left L.A. I left Steven (who moved there from Boston) behind. In Boston I left Brian, Rick, Maureen and a whole cast and crew from Baja Cantina behind. Long Beach was where I broke my heart and left Ed, James, and John behind. I also left TVD and Todd A (another long story) behind.

If you’re reading this I bet you had pics to go along with all the names!!?!??!???!! Well, some of you know who you are.

I sound so melancholy now, huh?

I was talking to LVBrian today about my personality versus his BF… we are a lot alike in various ways. Key words include: selfish, self centered, impatient, temperamental, and occasionally impulsive. But, I also explained that people that know me and Adolfo tend to bond with Adolfo more because he is more lovable. I am abrasive, which tends to keep people from opening themselves up to me very much.

In their relationship, it seems to be very similar. Kenny is a pain in the butt and proud of it. Brian, a true Libra, is always trying to keep his Scorpio happy. Same with us except I am the domineering Capricorn and Adolfo is the somewhat passive Aquarian. Imagine this mix!?!?!?!

My point is that in spite of my personality flaws I feel I have bonded very closely with some people in my past that I miss to this day. Some have drifted off along a far road and others have let me go to wander my own road. I miss you guys…

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