I did it… I spent more money I should not have spent. I bought a Sirius Receiver which was on-sale for 129.00 then a 50.00 mail in rebate…. I thought I was getting a good deal. I had to buy installation which cost me $90.00 a,d then I had to buy the service which was 140.00 … Almost $400.00 later I have Satellite Radio!

I am just starting to explore it and I am not entirely impressed. The gay channel OutQ is boring as hell… all talk from dizzy drag-queens that provide as much content as a feather bola. The best thing I have heard so far is listeners calling in with their “Confessions” which provide some Jerry Springer level of humor.

I am looking through the whole media menu for something worth while… which I am sure I will. I will set all my presets and the new version of my site will certainly have an interesting menu!

Other news…. I amde a nice dinner for Kenny’s birthday. The cake was nice, but it could have been better! I made a 4 layer chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting (homemade style) for him… all from scratch. I think he liked it. I wil lbe posting a pic in a couple days!

For dinner I kept it simple in the true Kenny style. He hates green veggies so there was not a single one in sight. I made red skin mash potatoes, steaks, and some yummy freshly baked herb biscuits. Oh, I also make a veal sauce along with it. Yum.

So…. now I am planning Thanksgiving Day Turkey. I have to form a whole menu and get ready to serve it up! Stay tuned!

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