My 2006 site is still coming along, but I noticed a very concerning flaw in my execution that I am glad I discovered in advance…. it all has to do with layout and frames… ugh. Now, I used to be excellent at design and had a lot of advanced skills. But, there have been more advancements in web then I have kept up with and not in the mood to pic up a whole new coding regiment.

Anyway, I have figured a way around it and will be on-time with delivery of the site. I think it will be way cool.

I built profiles for some of my peeps who I talk about a lot in the diary and encourage all of you/them to give me feedback. It’s totally basic with a pic and a name and a birth sign… blah blah blah.

Do you ever do searches on Google with various words that only may make sense to yourself? Image searches are what I mean. I did one today on “idiot” because I wanted to insert something funny and stupid on this entry because it’s just how I feel right now. Well… I saw a pic of a guy in a woman’s lacey thing with his dick in the exhast pipe of an SUV and he was smiling. Uhm… I couldn’t even do it. I was just … nauseated.

I look a pics of hot guys all the time with it because that is fun. For some reason I was compelled to put in “Persian Boys” and ended up looking at a series of picnic pictures of dorks at M.I.T. … Persian Student Association. At least one of them was hot anyway. I looked through them and amused myself (no that way) for 5 minutes.

I even looked up “Johnny Knoxville” because I found a pic from his new movie “Ringer” that was showing some dick. So, I figured there has to be naked pics of Knoxville out there and everything I saw was totally G/PG … bitches.

google is the coolest. No wonder those fuckers are so rich and all their people so fucking happy. I used “fuck” twice in the same sentence. I am a moron.

Also note that I have not heard from Gary in such a long time. I should e-mail him. Then again, I have not inserted much Drama in my diary that makes it sound like I am about the Thelma/Louise it into the Grand Canyon.


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