I feel the new Tsunami coming, it is change. I like change, but I do not like when I get run over by it. Change is good as long as you’re open to it. Adolfo is very closed to change… I know this and I try and make change as easy as I can for him.

Change is good. I talked to Brian on-line the other day. He and his BF have bought a gorgous condo in Chicago!!!! It is gorgeous… but I think their winter gas bill is going to be hell. Anyway, Brian is thrilled and I am happy for him as well.

I bought new shoes today… I decided I needed some new shoes. I got them from Ken Cole as usual! I think Adolof will be less than happy I spent more money on clothes. He is doing really well in his job! I am amazed… so I told him I am going to quit my job and he is goign to support me. He didn’t laugh.

Today is my Friday… I leave here in just over 1 1/2 hours and am not lookign back. Thursday is my boss’ last day and I get a new one… ugh! I was just getting used to the one I had… I was really starting to like her. I guess it will only make my decision to move on easier when that happens??? Not that the new one is bad or anything, I just don’t know her.

I do need a change. I started thinking of where I could go and began realizing I am very nervous about making the change. I looked at a caterer in Providence and was impressed by their web site http://atomiccatering.com/home.asp …. they produce some beautiful stuff.

So, Brian told me he saw in the Blog that I was thinking of moving to Chicago. I told him “Didn’t mean to scare you” and though I could not hear the tone of his voice I imagine he was white as a sheet. Shaking… twitching at the idea. Ha ha ha….

I have a lot of family near Chicago and it would be cool to reconnect. Most of us stay in touch via e-mail and that is a good thing. I miss my cuz in Colorado! She is the coolest! My uncle in Tusla rocks!

Okay, I am just talking about anything at this point so I will flee. Cheers ALL!!!!

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