I had a nice weekend, as it were, still working on a lot of life stuff and making plans for the future. I had the chance to chat with a couple of people briefly including Chippy who will be visiting in a couple months for the Las Vegas Marathon. He is running like 4 or 5 major running races in the span of like 4 months. Whatta NUT!

My own running has been going well, though I am not losing any weight. I am strong. I can always do better. I will get better as I go forward.

I made dinner last night and it was sorta icky. Not bad, but I was very unhappy. Many of my staples were gone and things I thought I had were already thrown out. ARGH! I did make a decent carrot soup and a pork chop loin with a quickie white wine sauce that I thought tasted okay. The wine I made it from was one of the best Chardonnay’s I ever had.

No other news of any signicance. I said I was looking to the future and think things are going to begin changing whether I initiate them or not. It’s already starting to swirl around me like Wilma is in the Yucatan Peninsula!

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