I have been reading other blogs and I think it would only do us good to share these with other people. As screwed up and dull as 75% seem to be, there are some genuine idiot sevants out there writing some interesting junk. I included some in previous blogs; like Anonymous Lawyer for example and the music web site I found which was way cool.

I also found some troubling web sites that talk about politcs and gay issues… I was literally wrecked for a week because one of them published 2 18 year old guys who were arrested, torchured, and then hung for one reason; they were gay. The pictures were on the Blog and I could perceive form the pics 1 (story1, Story 2, Story 3, Their Names, ) that out of the two guys 1 had given up and let himself hang to death while the other – dangling from the rope – seemed to be fighting to live. These were still pics and it strikes home for many reasons.

1. The world is a cruel cruel place and we humans are absolute monsters to each other.
2. The freedoms I have come to take for granted are as solid as paper mache and it is getting worse with conservative’s and religiouos figures in government.
3. That all we know about God and faith is a big lie; that this world is brimming with evil and much of it as it has been in the last 2000 years is still done in the name of God. It’s the worst hypicracy…

I thought I would wish that the entire Middle East were destroyed when I saw that image, but that would be wrong too. I initially wanted to see that entire part of the world, the Muslim Faith destroyed… I would burn every Koran I could find… but that would be wrong.

This world has God and Faith in order to bring people together. This world is getting smaller by technology and population yet were are getting further divided. We disconnect by titles and lables and personal greed, vanity, and lust… we are killing ourselves.

I hope we have a lot more major disasters and plagues so we can start appreciateing what we have a little more. We have lost faith. We have no God. We are alone.

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