Given last night’s post, I was very driven by a conviction that burned inside of me to relate the death of those two guys even though it happened way back in July. It kills me that I heard nothing through the media about it.

On other subjects… I started reading this book I bought off of Amazon. It combines two things I love which is food and Ancient Rome. The book demonstrates recipes going back to the days before Caesar.

Steven Saylor recommends this in the back of his last book where he talks about the history and the people involved in some of this stories. I have been reading Steven’s books for YEARS and he occasionally discusses the food his characters are eating and I am fascinated by the dishes he discusses.

Keep in mind, his books contain real historical characters in a way that helps you learn more about the period of history they are all in.

One of the principles that comes back over and over is Cicero, which is the famous lawyer as seen in several films featuring the death of Caesar. It includes the rise of Caesar and in the previous book “Judgment of Caesar” you are smack in the middle of the whole death of General Pomeii, Cleopatra’s fight with Ptolemy and the tomb of Alexander the Great!

The stories are all mysteries. The Investigator is Gordianus (at the time he was called a Finder though he is the fictional figure in all this). Amazon has all the books and from start to finish they are all worth reading. You see his family grow, mature, and Gordianus age. You see the single greatest period of history come alive. What I like a lot is the sense of humor Gordianus has!

The fact that Steven is a hottie and comes across (in e-mail) as such a nice guy is just too good! Get these books and hopefully we’ll see a lot more books from Steven!!!!!!!

I actually went to Rome at stood at the edge of Circus Maximus, wandered INSIDE the Coliseum, and stood on a dirt road outside of a building with an Egyptian pyramid that in all liklihood any and all of histories most famous people once stood! After reading these book, after marveling at some of the movies made (like Gladiator), I felt an even stronger connection to that point in history. I gotta get back there!!!!!!!!


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