Do you ever obsess over stuff? I sometimes get an idea in my head and virtually nothing will change my mind. If it is a food thing someone once told me “you have to satisfy the craving to get rid of it” and thus … my weight gain???? If it is something stupid like “I have to go to the gym or go to that place or whatever…” and I get there and I am bored or disapointed…. ugh!

Over the last couple days I have been obsessing over dumb stuff and I am not in a position to satisfy this impulse and it is making me nervous. I am impulsive and compulsive on many issues. But, I find myself unable to act on somethings because of the structure life has around me right now.

Is this too vague? Tough shit, some will understand and some will not.

This can apply to other things, like my move to Seattle a few months ago. I am thinking about the move again and find myself in a state of dismay that I could be walking into something that is out of my league, but I imagine I can definitly overcome anything.

What worries me is that I am jumping into a bad space, but secretly I know everything will be okay. IF I were on my own I know I would be okay, but my darling Adolfo has a tendency to point out the negetive parts of stuff so I just keep it to myself for the most part. Ugh…

Look at me kvetching again!

So, on other news. There is no real other news. I am sure I will get some tomorrow. Tomorrow is my Friday though it is Monday. Confused yet?


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