I went for a nice run this morning and it was good. When I was half-way through it I came upon a site for a fun-run today in front of some old-folks home and it looked like they were just getting started. I was surprised and forgot I used to run a lot of those races when I lived in Boston.

So, I have been thinking about moving from Vegas a lot again and I think it is really time. Some of the things that kept me here last year never really came into reality, which is my fault, but I am still counting on getting my goals accomplished. I did accomplish one major thing on a tax issue, but another came into light that I forgot about. I have one Fed issue I have to resolve as soon as humanly possible so I can move forward in life.

I desperately want to buy a house. It is something I have been planning on for the last year, but as long as I have tax issues hanging over my head, I can’t even contemplate beginning the process.

My problems with the IRS began quite a while back. In 1996 I tried working out a deal with them and the she-beast on the phone literally started attacking me and threatened me. It was amazing… needless to say nothing was accomplished. It did not surprise me that in a couple years following sudenly the IRS was trying to put on a new face of “customer service”. I’ll say this, since the new policy people have been helpful there. BUT, I still have my problems.

I need to get this taken care of. The stupid stupid thing is I could have had this resolved a couple years ago but it all went to shit. Argh… when I look back at some of the dumb shit I did in the past it is amazing.

Well, I guess it is time to march on.

I’ll tell you this! Having a debt with the government has really had an effect on my mental health. It has made my life hell. When Adolfo got behind one year I immediately paid the balance and got him caught up! There was no way I was going to let that follow him around.

I move on. I need to get my world in order….. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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