I halfway expected notes from people this morning wondering about my entry last night… nothing! AND I am glad, because if you know me and read it you might have thought I was just venting. And I was… am… did….

Last night when I picked Adolfo up we went to the Paris Hotel and Casino and had drinks. I had my Godiva Chocolate Martni and he had his KirRoyal. I gambled, lost 50$, got very tipsey, ate a Rueben sandwich very late to sober up.. drove home nervously. It was great!

We go to Paris on occasion and just relax, having fun. I can highly recommend it and welcome anyone to come on along with us!

Anyway, what I did say yesterday was true… I am taking a new outlook on things. Anyone who feels I am not meeting THEIR expectations be damned. If you have an oppurtunity to lay at my feet… show me and I might snatch it up. Got that Tom? Got that anyone else who matters???


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