The last couple days have been a little wierd. Adolfo and I had some time together and as usual we make the most of it when we do.

BUT, yesterday our plan was to have another couple over for breakfast and hang out. I started a fire in the fireplace, was making waffles with chopped bacon, etcetras. Well, they turned out to have a flat tire on the car, it was the spare that was flat which meant they had two flats… ugh.

We ended up going out to help them out. Lent some cash to get them by, then we got to talk for a while because it turns out they are having a hard time. Stop guessing… it’s no one whose pics are on the site… yet.

I feel like we were able to do some good that day. It felt good helping the guys out and we love them a lot like we do several of our freinds.

On another subject, I am so bored at work. So so so bored… because I am doing almost the same exact thing daily. I applied for another job so time will tell!!!! Yeah!

Happy Birthday Allan! I missed his birthday because I am a dumbass.

Kisses all!

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