I have to go back to work tomorrow after my weekend. Today is my Sunday, so it is the end of my weekend obviously. This was a tough one! It’s also a week from Christmas… if you can believe that one. I think Adolfo’s sister is due in in a couple days; which I am looking forward to BUT I do not think he will ahve time off???

I stressed out today and had a little meltdown. Oh, I had one yesterday too.

Yesterday I did well at the onset of the day. I paid bills and took care of errands; Tom to get cleaned, bank and then washed the car. THEN I set out of the gym and little things started going wrong and I was having some personal issues. My brain was overloaded and I was really stressed. I did nto eat properly and my blood pressure was high, blood sugar low… I lost if and flipped out.

Well, today I was worried about school and I was getting concerened about my Network + certification. I have been internalizing over the last few weeks because I was worried that this school was not the best decision for me. Well, I hashed it out and who knows how it will all be in the end????

Not too major, huh? It’s all the drama that goes on in my tiny brain. I have figured something out recently: I may have Adult ADD??? I wonder? I felt kinda weird thinking it might be true… but

Okay… I am just rambling once more.

Sam wrote me a couple times the last couple days. I am feeling happier that he is getting healthier and more centered for himself. He is strong. He is wise. He has a love of love in his soul. I always felt something for him because I related to him in ways I cannot find words to accurately describe. He touches me. He is blunt and antagonistic. He is profound and spiritual. But.. at the same time he is adrift and sorta caught in a whirlpool. I have this urge to wrap him up in my arms or snatch him away on a journey.

Funny, huh?

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