Earlier today I considered what I would write in my diary tonight, because I have been really struggling with the path of life I am on… again. I am definitely on a road with dual personalities! The light is not guiding me clearly… in other words… there is no clear compass sending me in one CAREER direction.

I am enjoying the catering and personal chef business. My job at the Venetian is basically catering while my personal chef business is picking up here and there. I am also going to school for some computer certifications.

My horoscope today:

You may find yourself wanting to go in many directions today, yet at the same time something seems to be holding you back from going anywhere, dear Capricorn. This annoying conflict of energies may make it difficult for you to make the most of your day, but you can handle it. Don’t act too hastily. Make sure you evaluate all of your choices before you make a final decision. If nothing seems to fit well for you today, don’t push it.

How profound… maybe just to me. Well, Adolfo and I are having some peeps over on Thursday evening and I will post pics… of course.

…guide me.

oh, Sam CALL ME!!!!! brat!

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