uhm… tomorrow is my birthday and I could get through it not really worrying about it at all. I am turing 40. 4 (four) 0 (zero)… I am officially gay-dead. I am the old troll smiling through yellow teeth, unkept hair and wearing polyester. oi vay…

I did, however, get a neat cake from work! It’s very nice and I am looking forward expanding my troll-like gut.

This last week has been a littl nuts. Actually it would be safe to say that the last month has been generally unnerving. Getting ready for x-mas, making enough money to afford everything, looking for family and freinds who are just as busy and blah blah blah….

So Thursday eveing Adolfo and I hosted a quiet gathering of some friends who came by and it was very nice. Karen and the baby were here, Esther (from work) was here with her beautiful daughter, Woody + Brian, Dirty Dorothy and… I think that was everyone. I served some nut tarts I made, Costco special cream puffs, and some sliced Stollen bread. Beside them I also served a spiked warm Nog and a Mulled Wine.

The next night I had a party to cook for for a family in Henderson and it went well. I had a lot of little problems that I eventually ironed out.

We ended up doing our gift exchange on Thursday after the party we had. The gift details are on the other blog page! Regardless, I got some really good stuff rom Adolfo. He spent too much money on me and I told him so!

xo… 🙂

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