I am getting ready for bed. I did not sleep so well last night, so I am looking forward to it. I have these wierd dreams from time to time about work-related things. Last night I kept dreaming that I had to produce carmelized nut tarts in huge amounts and could not keep up. The food was being left out and I was continuously stressing out that I had to finish. ugh

Last night Adolfo took me out to celebrate my birthday. We at at a favorite called FireFly that serves Spanish Tapas. I ordered a pitcher of Mojito immediately! Some freinds showed up which I was glad to see. Esther (from work), Woody (school and work) and Sai (cuts my hair and buddy of Adolfo).

Yesterday was really good anyway you look at it. We did spend the morning at the Vet because Tom has been suffering from diarreaha for a few days. He got into some raw turkey and we think he got a parasite… will he ever learn?

hmm… Happy New Year … now go to bed and make sweet sweet love. ha ha ha!

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