I updated my wish list …

I feel very fat today… My weight losing endeavers have fallen fairly flat. I am working out a lot, but I guess my consuming is overwhelming my abilty to burn calories! AGH!

The delay with the move has bummed me out a bit… but I am thinking it will turn out to be a good thing in the long run… I am trying to keep my energy positive and open to new roads. I heard about job openings in New York. ugh… I love NY but I think it might be too much for my little man!

My pal Sam seems to be pulling himself together. I have prayed a lot for him and others… Sam wrote me today and I enjoyed hearing the positive things in his note. I have not heard from Rosa in Boston in a while… been thinking about her and sending out my prayers to her and her family.

So you’re saying: Scott Prays????? What the hell? The pagan-like loud mouth who seems to hate everyone and is sometimes such a bitch to talk to???? That lunatic who calls other drivers idiots all over the road? He who get’s chills at Arizona liscence plates on cars, hayseeds from Utah, Asian drivers, chicks on cell-phones…. STOP! Am I losing my point???

Ha ha ha ha! Yes, I pray and I have been thinking about talking about it more. I pray to … (pause)… Sam says it is wrong to use the name of g*d when he writes and when we have talked on the phone. He’s my younger Jew buddy… since when can it be wrong to share something like this?

I pray to God, whom I refer to as Yahweh. I do not believe in anything like “someone” that resembled Zues or anyting like that. Nothing so base and archane. I suppose it goes without saying that the idea of a Jesus demi-god is, in my opinion, stupid beyond all belief. Well.. that’s alittle bit of it. It will all become clearer some day.

xo Scott

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