Humbug. Well, it is getting closer to Christmas. I am not sure when hannakah begins… but I am still uninspired. The house here looks really nice with the x-mas deco crap we have posted all over the place. It’s not over-done… it does look good.

As far as gift giving is concerned, we have most of it done. We are not buying a lot for a lot of people, just immediate friends and the like. As far as x-mas cards are concerend we are also getting those together right now… but I am having a creative issue with them which I am working to resolve. So, if you’re reading this… send me an e-mail with your address: you too Allan. Gary, Ian, Terry&Kathy… Chippy???

Our move to Seattle has been post-poned to April… well, maybe March. I was panicing too much with the idea of trying to find a job in January when people are being laid off… the weather if rough… too many of the conditions were frightful.

I want to move to Seattle because I perceive that we will have a better quality of life up there. I think we/I will meet better people and develop more steady friendships and more. Adolfo on the other hand may or may not be along for the ride… who knows?

I am unhappy with him right now and it tends to come out on this diary as if we are about to break up??? I tend to write here more when my feelings are conflicted with him. Some people think our relationship is very turse ebcause of all the bitching I do, but they are only 1/2 right… oi vay.

Oh, I am all drama, huh? I miss the people I had in Boston. Boston life was very good for me, but my love life was just as fucked up there. UGH!


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