So, if anyone is reading this AT ALL. I added a new page to the site last night featuring my goals. It’s in the about section… this is a work in progress and will be updated.

I’ve been thinking:

(This is where I will relieve my brain of it’s wild thinking and get it out to spare me so I can sleep tonight)

I believe in somthing of augurism, which was used in ancient Rome emporers and religious people looked to nature for signs. Aneagle flying meant it was time for war… blah blah blah. Well, I also see my life like a Kaballic Tale, where life is nearly literally a path through a forest… with good roads and bad roads. Coming to Vegas was a new road…

I see other people on roads that sometimes come close to mine and I see them hung up on trees (bad boyrfriends or a lousy job) or their roads blocked all-together (jail, personal loss, etc.). It makes me accutely aware of my own path…. so I know I have had a lot lot lot of obstacles on my road lately that has slowed me down. Lots of ditractions. I see myself looking ahead for a new road…

Just talked to Brian on-line and he is reading my diary… hi brian.

Anyway, philosophically speaking, I see much of life as a metaphore. I see myself in the context of a temprary visitor in it… though I believe I have an old, grungy, slightly jaded soul. I get depressed, upset, and dispaointed in it allonce in a while so in the past I have used this diary to vomit it all back.

My point about the obstacles was… since I am walking through my path I find myslef help balc by a lot of tree branches and thisltes. I find people and events popping up that interrupt every achievement, almost every goal, and it is starting to really piss me off.

  • weight loss
  • restaurant goals
  • professional goals
  • relationship goals
  • and other little stupid things I want to get ahead with….

No, I am not trying to blame others or make excuses. In a way, just writing what I did, it may seem that I am blaming outside elements. BUT, in the bigger picture, I believe these events are merely signs that I am not doing what I need to be doing to get ahead.

Let’s see what develops.

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