Goals, goals, goals… no excuses. No blaming anyone else. No more limits. No more worrying about what other peole think. I need to be ME!

So what about Adolfo, Scott? WELL, we had another fight this week and I hit him with a lot of things I was angry about that went back to last year. BUT we are doing good now… again… for the meantime. I am giving it til December to see what happens.. December is my new decision date for life.

I need goals. Gary wrote me and trie to shake me, smack me a couple of times, telling me I need goals. I have been meaning to write new ones down, but I have let everything just kinda melt in the fucking…. horrible…hot Las Vegas heat. I’m melting!!!!!

So, look for this to appear soon in my “about section”. I promosed this once before, but of course I dragged my feet.

So…. I need to write some things to get off my chest. As you know I am feeling trapped in my job… it’s become this dead end and that I am not getting anything. I have money coming in from it. I get benefits (that I am not using like I should). I work with some people I like… a few I do not… but it’s veery comfortbale. I do have to dela with a lot of people who are… basically stupid.

My anxiety is that I feel like I am not fulfilling anything I want to do in life right now. I have no freedom in it. It is a nuse around my neck which is why I have to write my goals out and get them posted… so until then no more BITCHING.

I also worry that my cooking skills suck. This is stricly my own judgement.

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