Brian’s words were in my head today. What he said made a lot of sense. He said that I should think more of the NOW instead of …the opposite of that. He is eerily accurate about all that and it worries me.

When I consciously think about it, I can stay in the moment. When I put some real mental effort into it… I can stay in the moment. Something tells me that is not the way it should be?

So, now I wonder how I can look into that more as well as my other issues added to this diary a few days ago. In thought, I have been contemplating how to be more of where I want to be… I have been thinking about choices and how to define myself.

See, for years I was an Information Tehnology professional… with a side ambition of being an entreprenuer. I owned a Travel Agency once-upon-a-time (surprised to hear that?) Well, then I got working on a new strategy after I moved back from Boston to open a restaurant with a pal. Thus, landing me in Las Vegas. I became a chef as a result of that, by going to school to learn how to manage a restaurant, kitchen, and restaurant people. Now, graduated from school, I am a cook at a pastry shop doing sweets that I have no interest in; I like savory cooking and want to do more. So… now I am figuring out my goals. My partner in the restaurant project ended up bankrupt and I was left in Vegas with egg poured over my head. So, goal-wise I am looking into myself if I have the faith and the fortifutde to carry on in the food biz or retreat back to IT???

What do you think now?

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