No dream updates, no anger at Adolfo, nothing special today to report. Who knows how long I can keep this doary updated properly with school starting on Monday. I am stressing stressing stressing over so many things right now.

Money is my usual issue. We are way tight with cash right now and I am getting worried about rent for August. I always stress over these things and in the end they tend to work out. Oi Vay I hope this works out… Since I got a new truck (new is 1997 Ford Explorer) with Drive Time my payments and expenses related to it have been higher than before.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if I could live without worrying about bills every month? Oh well…

Today the plan is to go to the gym, IRS, meet Kieth and got shopping at International Market, then get Adolfo, get dinner, then see Pirates of the Carribean!!!!!! I have all the movies printed out from Movies.Com .. yippee!

I got my grades yesterday from school and I want to rub Kieth’s nose into it…

A- Chacuterie Class

B+ Hors doeuvres

A- Pantry

A Nutrition

98% on my Nutrician Certification

I’m a weiner! .. I mean winner… ha ha ha

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