I do not remember my dreams last night…. but this was another morning where it was hard to get my ass out of bed. Kieth called me last night, Kieth is a pal of mine from school, thinking I was dreaming about him the night before. Wishful THINKING tiger… ha ha ha.

You know, I have had one dream a lot… in fact I have had this dream at least 4 times:

I dream I feel a loose tooth. Bottom row, front most, and it freaks me out. I feel is loose with my tongue, hold it and feel it come out. Then I push it back in and it stays. Sometimes it stays loose.

That was the whole thing… the truth is I have two front teeth that are really pushed together and it bugs the hell out of me. I have not found a dentist that ever took me seriously and I will probably never get it fixed properly. Out of all the dentists in my life only one has shown competence… and would you be surprised he was an Army dentist???? I was surprised.

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