I had this dream this morning and it bothered me… this is for real.

I was in France and I was sitting in the back seat of a small car with another guy (I believe it was Ashton Kutcher) and we were waiting for a third man (call him Kieth for now). Anyway, we were parked at the front driveway to a gas station and while there we were there to see someone. This was someone we were getting something from (like drugs or secret information or somethng like that)

I saw two guys in a small car drive through the close by intersection and get stuck in the mud. Ashton and I got out to help, but they pushed their own way out before we could help… so Ashton and I got back into the car.

The third guy (Kieth) came back to the car and drove off aparently aggitated. He decided to drive through the gas station where there was a uniformed attendant trying to prevent us from driving through. Kieth continued through. Keep in mind that everything was consistent… because it was still a French gas station.

The next thing I knew we were being taken into custody and being questioned by Bernie Mac in a black suit. Bernie was suggesting we did something wrong, but one of us was going to have to ‘give up our ass’ before we would be released. ((Funny how I remember that line specifically from what he said)). Kieth was escorted out and Ashton was sitting in a chair in the back of the room like an automiton as I was talking to Berni Mac.

During my talk with Bernie Mac I discovered there was something stuck to the bottom of my shoe that I had tracked into the room. I thought it was dog shit with leaves stuck through it. Bernie went to get something for me to clean up with when I took off my shoes and pants to clean it. I discovered that it was actually melted sugar with leaves in it that I peeled right off and picked up all in one sheet.

Having discovered that it was not a real mess I dressed again and could see Bernie Mac returning up the hall moving toward me in slow motion. Ashton was mindless in a chair in the back of the room. I walked to the next room where I found Kieth asleep in a t-shirt.

This is where I first realize WHO Kieth is having not seen his face anywhere previously. (Kieth is a guy I knew and had a crush on when I was 17 years old*). He was in bed and was acting strange as if he was traumatized. There was an implication, without saying it, that he was sexually assaulted by Bernie Mac???

I was strongly suspicious about the assault and the arrest. It looked like Kieth had just woke up but he would not deny or admit to the sexual encounter, but seemed to want the suspicion to exist. I tried talking to Kieth in order to be supportive, but soon I was down the hall and realized the interrogation was taking pace in a hotel. Down the hall I was in the hotel Kitchen and Bernie Mac was in a hurry to leave.

Bernie told us we could leave as he was dressing… at this point he was just putting on his jacket. I was asked about something excahnged at the gas station and I was puzzled. I was questionaing about why we were in a hotel? I was wondering about the sexual situation with Kieth? I was puzzled.

At this point I woke up and was fixated on this dream. I get these add dreams once in a while and I am mistified. It is as if I am supposed to get some kind of message fom them? Curious, huh?

As I checked back on this entry I realized there is a chance that “Kieth” may be also be Barbara Eden’s (I Dream of Jeannie fame) from a picture I saw of him this weekend. He looked like Kieth when he was younger.

Wierd, huh?

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