Ergh… we made up last night. But something I realized… that when I am mad at him I tend to voice it a lot here on this diary. I do not talk so much about the good things. I would say about 75% of the time he and I are really good with each other. Not long ago I might have said it was 50/50. I also consider that the last fight we had was probably really my fault it got to the level it did… no it was his fault.

I remembered an e-Mail that Kathy (Terry’s Hot Mama) sent me about relationships. I even brought it up in our first conversation last night in 3 days. I got to tell you all though, this was the closest I was to breaking up with him. Ergh!

He is at the pool right now chilling out and I have to be at work by 1… this month is looking painfully tight again. DAMN I am frustrated with our financial situation. We should both be doing better! Who says??? By what standard am I measuring it? MINE!

Friend Kieth has a date tonight with a woman. We were all thinking he was gay gay gay gay gay… but he is out to prove us wrong. He met a real live woman and we are going on a double date to all-you-can-eat-sushi… yummers. So I will produce a report as soon as I can.

Stil updatng sites of mine. Yo can see,, and if you like….?

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