Sybil is back… she landed after worklast night and the many faced of eve changed about 6 times in 5 minutes. She was in a mood, then I got into a mood, then she went up my nose like a jet plane!

I admit that I have made some culinary mistakes in the past. Afterall… I am learning a lot and feel that I have finally decended and landed in my cooking skills. Anyway, I made a nice dinner last night and Sybil turned up her nose at it saying “I do not like it”. Bitch bitch bitch bitch……… dman she has bitched about my cooking a lot lately. I pointed that fact out and Sybils says: “Well, then don’t cook for me anymore.”


Anyway… I am contemplating divorce! Ooops we were never married! Separate bedrooms? A sharp kick in the ass? Ergh, she is pissing me off! We ahve been doing so well and this is a setback big time. Anywa, talk soon.

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