I guess I have a few things I am going to mention:

1. I had another one of those nights, last night, wherein I dream about a lot of little things and lot of them are very stressful. I cannot remember any of them which sucks. I tossed and turned all night. It’s wierd what happens with stress and physical reactions from it.

2. Money issues are still prevalent. My budget to the end of month is not looking especialy good. Ergh! Stress!

3. Went to go see Pirates of the Carribean last night and it was soooooooooooo good. I went in with no clue what to expect. I was thinking it might be a nice, safe, family film. Oh my goodness… it was so well put together. Only one scene near the end was tripe… but the movie as a whole was great. Johnny Depp was funny as hell. Orlando Bloom… still sexy as hell! Adolfo kept making comments to me about Orlando and I was laughing, because he knows I would be all over that boy if I ever saw him.

4. We also saw T3 a few days ago. Great opening sequence… good movie for the most part… sucked bad on the end! Ruined everything… Arnie shold have stayed home or went to run for Governor instead of working on this one. What happen to audience testing? sheesh!

5. LXG coming on Friday!!! I will be there! See it on Movies.Com!

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