Oh my hell… it’s Friday and 114 degrees predicted outside. 90 degrees at 4 am this morning and it is going to be the same through next week at least.

I am so stressed out right now over all kinds of the usual things. I wish I could be more confident and self secure about a list of things… primarily money and being able to pay bills. Our cash is so tight right now.

Obviously I do not have a lot to talk about in my diary today. I do not want to gobble up time with the usual bitching and griping. Adolfo is good and Tom the Dawg is also good. My truck is running well and school kicks off again on Monday.

I have discovered I am probably repsonsible for my own stress. I am responsible for all my problems… I wish I had someone else to blame and be angry with about. Then I could sue him/her or whatever. Ergh… ha ha ha.

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