I had a wonderful weekend with Adolfo so far. Friday night we went to go see LXG and just as the movie started we got into a fight and then when we got home we made up. He turned evil for a few hours… surprise.

Since then we have had a good day. We had a very romantic kind of day yesterday. We rolled around i bed in the morning like idiots, then went out for lunch to Pizza Hut. Shopped for a bit at the Boulevard Mall. I got a hat on clearance from the GAP… wha-hooo. Then we cam home and took a nap. Oh my goodness it was a great afternoon of laying naked in bed escaping the summer heat under the cieling fan!

Today I have to work. SprintPCS is demanding money… ashholes! I paid them so they can kiss my lilly white ass. Oh, and it’s white too!

Anyway, no one is reading my diary anymore. Poor me. No one loves Scott anymore. Boo-hoo… bastards. I never hear from people no more… what’s up with that? Love ya – mean it.

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