Ergh… I read back to catch up on the previous entry. My demon-BF is back to normal now. He metamophed back into human form the next night… BUT he never came home that night and he tells me he stayed the night at his job in the Employee Dining Facility. Oh, that pissed me off. Since then everythng has been cool and I did not stress over it. We laid down in bed and talked the next day and I told him I was “over it” though the whole situation, as most situations with an argument, is 150% his fault.

NOT that I would want to assign blame (HIM) or anything like that. When a couple argues no one is the good guy alone (me). We both have to shuolder the burden of a misunderstanding (me) and make the best of it (me). Oh, the struggle…

Anyway, mom came to visit as of last night and she left today to stay at Sam’s Town. She started a Slot Poker Tournament tonight and will go through the weekend with it. Cool for her. Me, on the other hand, nothing special happening. Will update as things happen… boy I sound boring.

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