June is still here… I just read the last entry opening line complaining how fast the month was going by… ergh! Well, the first week of finals is over and next week I have three exams I need to prepare for. I have very few hours schedules at my job at Sur La Table which is a plus because of a lot of issues. It’s a plus because I have time to focus on some things I need to do.

Sur La Table in Las Vegas is a little part time job I have and usually I really like it there. Some of the people I work with are great and good people, while a few bring in so much of their fucked up baggae to work and make it shitty for the rest of us. This is why some people are still in retail, because they do not have the skills or healthy outlook to work in truly professional circumstances. A few people working there are really underestimating their abilities in these limited life roles. BUT, then again, that is my perception.

You may have noticed there were very very few complaints about my relationship with Adolfo lately. In fact, generally, things have been quite good. My love for him was restored. Because frankly, he had pulled me back and forth over the fire for so long that my love for him was waining. I was losing him in my heart. Yesterday he came to my school for a freinds and family deal and got to meet a lot of my fellow students, it was amazing how many people wanted to meet him. Our table was surrounded by other students… out of curiousity or what??? He looked absolutely great and was wonderful!!!!!!

I cannot figure out a lot of things. I was a few minutes late picking up Adolfo from work yesterday and he seems to have turned into Lucifer in the hot sun. He acted like a complete asshole for the whole evening and goaded me at every turn. I got pissed and threw a plastic container full of chipotle sauce that exploded in the kitchen. I ended up cleaning the whole thing up and I went to the market after just to get away for a bit. When I came home Adolfo was gone and he did not come home at all.

I called him last night about 9:30 to get him to come home and he was nasty and agressive on the phone. I hung up and went to bed alone. He did not come home all night… which for me is worse of all. He’s managed to hurt me again. Again and again … when things get going well he always manages to do something to ruin it. It’s not enough we have both been stressed about making ends meet. I have not been bitching much, though I have more than enough right to.

Damn, I have been supporting this household mostly on what little I make every month. I do not make much, but I have been managing our bills and juggling the whole pot. He does a lot… a LOT around here to keep the household running and I tell him how much I appreciate it.

Anyway… I’ve vented enough. Let me know what you think…

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