It’s alrady so dmn far into June… where the hell is time going to? Can anyone explain this to me. I feel like I fell into a hole and the world is passing by outside. Ergh!!!

Anyhoo… the new truck is working fine, Adolfo and I have been good, the dog is spoiled as hell and pooped on the carpet I recently steam cleaned thus leaving a nasty spot I will eventually need to steam again…. (deep breath) and I still need a new computer. I have been working on taking care of a few of life’s loose ends this week. I have as word hanging over my head with the irs … Ergh again.

I have finished my business site hoping to drum up more clients. Want to see? is the site… yes I know… it used to be my Action Hero Network Link, but I needed that for other things right now. AHN the site is a dead dog. What do you think of this?

Anyway, this was just a quick update.

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