Ooops… when I uploaded my site on the new server I uploaded an old diary page. Gary reminded me otherwise I would have forgotten intirely. Now if I can get the archives to show up I would be thrilled silly. Ooops… too late. (I am soooo funny, aren’t I?)

Anyway, the truck is working well and I had to drive to Mesquite, Nevada this week which is 100 miles away and it performed like a star! I will have pictures soon… as soon as I can anyway. It has to go in for some minor work next week and we keep talking about a road trip somewhere… we have most of the stuff to go camping. We are also talking about a trip to Disneyland, too. So, who knows.

Other things include talk of moving from Las Vegas. I have been really struggling with the fact that I cannot find work here. I have a job part time in retail that is sometimes good and sometimes very boring. My contract work is keeping money coming in, but how long can I keep that up? I have no health insurance, no life insurance, no dental… blah blah blah. If I get sick in any serious way I will be wrecked! Anyway, we talked about moving. I seem to be focused on Seattle or on Boston, but I left a lot of ghosts in Boston. Soooo… Seattle is ahead in the race for my gracing presence.

Anyway, let me get this posted… talk soon!

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