Someone wrote me and said that it looked like Adolfo and I have a LOT OF problems. So much so that (based on this diary) that we would probably break up soon? Ironically, this last weekend we had the best weekend of just relaxing and having fun. Ya know… I write in my diary when I have something I need to relieve myself of. I let my brain piss all over the computer in a golden shower of thoughts… often if something is troubling my brain this is where it goes.

Adolfo and I have many many good times. Although, I admit that I am surprised this last weekend went as well as it did. We are going through a huge period of learning from from/about each other. We are essentially married and have a home together here. He takes care of me in many ways I like to think I take care of him as well.

Not that I am defending myself to some people, but the truth is we do pretty well with each other. Our home is a loving and welcoming place.

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