Adolfo and I have been fighting again. This started on Tuesday night which grew from a misunderstanding and exploded all over the wall last night when he ended up sleeping in the spare bedroom. I was so pissed off I did not mind him being gone at all. The question in the end was… did I have the right to be pissed off at him? I asked myself that and have been doing a lot of thinking about it today. I even drove around the city just to assemble my thoughts.

Another issue burning inside has been me has been Allan. He has not talked to me since almost a week now. I had some words with him last Friday about company finances and I ended up hanging up on him. Ergh… it makes me rethink the whole business thing with him. The thing is he and I have developed this freindship which has a layer at business over it and it would seem the two need to be separated. How do you devide the last 1.5 years of building a business versus 3 years of a freindship?

Well… Allan need to do something. I wonder if he is still reading this? He has managed to alienate me and he is working on alienating other people in his life. Not to be judgemental or to turn into a Jewish Mother or anything, but this is a man who needs a good smack. I care about him a lot as he has managed to crawl into my life and take root! I think the trip to NYC in June 2001 was the time we traveled together and made the freindship.

Anyway… I find myself rethinking Las Vegas a lot. I am also thinking a lot about where I would go given the chance. I think about Boston and I think about Seattle. Did Boston and Boston has a lot of ghosts I may not want to run into again. Jinkies! The pacific northwest seems to hold a lot more interesting possibilities. Hmmm…

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