Valentines Day is tomorrow and I am waiting til the last minute as ussual to get something planned. And… as usual I am stressing a bit over it. You see, I have a huge salmon filet in the freezer and I have been mulling over my recipe books looking for something special to make. I thought about a seafood terrine with a spinach mouse. Sounds good to me, but will it translate well? If I make these items and put them in a crust, I should make a sauce to compliment it. How is that for a V-Day Dinner?!?!?!?!

Then there is the whole birthday thing this weekend. I wanted to make a pate along with his birthday cake. I expect to put a picture of the cake in the site after it is all done. Hell I still have not finished updating the Recipe section of the site! Well, I expect things this weekend will go well. At least I am hopeful of it.

I will have the standard party foods there for a birthday including chips, dips, nipplies, my secret deviled eggs, pate, maybe some caviar (I love caviar), and cocktails galore. I invited everyone I could think of from Adolfo’s life including his family and my family. I hope I get an army of people to show up… I also hope this goes off well! An added surprise is that we are going to see Chippendales after the party which is a gift from his co-workers! This should be a fun night… thank goodness Monday is a holiday.

Wish me luck….

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