Another week has gone by and all is relatively well. I am starting to hate this job I have at Sur La Table… mostly for one reason. There is a guy there who is getting up my nose. He is the most terrible old, disasterous, malfunctioning queen. What a mess. At middle age plus he is a solid gold mess with a rich boyfriend. His BF is in decent shape, older, and has his wheels on the ground. These two are no match! At least I do not get it….

I am not being judgemental… well, I suppose I am a bit. His BF has taken a liking to Adolfo and I and I do not think that sits all that well with him. Whatever… I am looking at getting another job soon and school is starting again on Monday.

My school books have not all arrived form as of yet. I am still waiting for a couple of them. My classes next term are baking, Plating, and Purchasing. I suspect this is going to be the toughest term so far. The quarter that follows should be garde Marger and I am nervous about that… this is very important! I made a couple recipes from that section of my book including a mayonaise and deviled eggs. My mayo came out so nice and full of flavor. That was the way I intended it to be though. I used an olive oil instead of a clear oil. Olive oil is a flavoring agent and gave the mayo a light greenish color. Yummers.

I am struggling with bills as usual. I suppose the next year is going to be rough, but I am doing everything possible to make money. It’s nice that some people have sent me some cash to get my… thanks!

I used my birthday gift last night. I went to the Luxor spa and got a deep tissue message from jason… he is a guy I dated when I first moved here. He did such an awesome job! I had such a nice time while I was there. I arrived at 5:45… ran for a half hour or so… steam room for a while…. message for an hour… back to steam, ice water dips, scented showers, and relaxation big time. I was a cooked noodle when I left!

I also raqn into a familiar face when I was there. I ran into Brian from and talked to him for a while. He was buddies with GC ( and Mikey ( last year when the adult web site convention was in town. Brian was a sweet guy. We talekd for a little while and he reminded of Alex and some of the other guys from the cam site I miss, too.

I used to post and have a board on gaycams, but I got into a big fight with GC… well, he deleted me off. Brian says he bans people a lot, but I lost out on talking with a lot of nice people because of the fued. Oh well… I started posting on another board… can’t tell you which though.

I need to run… they are installing a new stove in the apartment and will be replacing the washing machine today too. I have to work tonight at Sur la Table until 11… oi vay! Love you!

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