I am doing laundary tonight. Adolfo has the evening off and is in the bedroom watching television. He has been running hot and cold all evening long. Argh…. it is frustrating. So… I am going to ignore it and wait for the personality I like to come back into control.

Anyway, in my last entry I was talking about New Year Resolutions. My resolutions this year are to: be a nicer person and be more patient with the other idiots God put on this world to challenge me on a daily basis, to get into better shape (through a plan I am currently working on), and to get focused on my business once again.

Adolfo, on the other hand, will get his driver’s liscence and then I will nudge him into buying a car. Sometimes I get very tired of being a fucking taxi. Although I cannot say that to him without a whole new case of fucking drama.

Ugh! The guy who used to be my best frweind in high school wrote me a couple weeks ago telling me I was not making any entries into my diary for his “voyeuristic side”. So… when I looked inside I realized I was way behind. I apologize to everyone who checks in on me… is there anyone else left? Is there anyone reading this thing?

Anyway, all is well here and school is two weeks away. I was hoping to be able to go away on a trip this school break like I could on the last two. Ergh.. I may not be. I was talking to my travel buddy about it in e-mail as he is currently on a flight between Sydney and Bangkok as he told me I missed out on Amsterdam. ARGH…. I would have LOVED LOVED LOVED TO HAVE GONE THERE. Am I shouting?

Oh well… maybe another day? School is starting again on the 13th. I am worried about money as usual. School is so damn expensive. Talk soon

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