I made some cosmetic changes on the site today. I think they look great… but they are strictly cosmetic. I am just trying to keep it updated and clean looking. With the end of the holidays I got rid of the winter theme action and made a plain background. What do you think?

Not much other news to report. I am home for the day and will be heading off the the gym soon. I might have some client work tonight and am struggling with other issues right now.

See, the company I am trying to build feels like it is built on tinker toys. Some important associations and business items I need are non-existant. I am troubled by financial issues and commitment from one of my team mates. I know.. if he reads this… he will be upset at me. I am venting. He knows how we are having some troubles and how important it is to be focused… but his commitments are varied.


I am venting… school starts Monday and a guy named Daniel just called me who is my class. He is a hotty. He is looking for his books two days before school starts. I ordered my book almost 2 weeks ago and they are just arriving… HELLO? Anyway… I am off for now. xoxo

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