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I got a call from the Sheriff office in Tehachapi, California with a claim of elder abuse. And, I was accused of stealing money from my mother’s accounts. I am not sure who was filing the complaint, but it sounds like it was Lynn and maybe backed by Sallie. So, the worst joke ever is still being performed…

Re: money –  I am sending them a PDF print out of the check register I used to manage her money. It is fairly detailed and should answer where her money went. My mom’s income along with her husband before his death just covered their debts. When he died and his income went away her needs also increased and the caregiver’s got to be more expensive. We were trying to save enough money to get her into an assisted living facility in Bakersfield when my involvement ended. 

Re: her car – Her license has been expired about 2.5 years now I think. She crashed it several times before and took out a street sign at McCarthy and Crest when it was decided between her and I it was no longer safe to keep it. We asked the finance company to collect it. Not to mention his driving record that included driving into a building in Lancaster. 

Re: senior abuse – Her care has never been so good, really. Her house is cleaned by her caregiver, medication managed by Roxanne, and she is ferried to the doctor any time she needs. She is always fed by the same hired caretaker that was doing a really good job. I got accused of being abusive when I told my mom and my sister and her husband that I wanted nothing to do with any of them. I have the email demonstrating that exact thing. 

Conclusion:I am glad to answer general questions. But under the 5th Amendment I am not going to incriminate myself if at all possible. I feel like providing you some general information about the situation and myself that I can show you I am interested in seeing this whole thing through and done. The actions of these people are purely vindictive and they are using the authorities to harass and make me look bad, 

Much of the above was in the email I sent to the Sherriff. I have to say that these people are the low of the low. But, I am not sure they are self-aware enough to see much of anything. I had to get away from that. Ugh.

And the rest went on to…

I am a U.S. Veteran and a community leader in the Bay Area and beyond. I believe in doing what is right and when my sister elected to take over my mom’s finances I was willing to give them any information they needed to move forward, but at the start there was hostility. Also in email, which I have. 

I do not need my mother’s money. Which is why I did not take money from her to manage her household and provide care to which I was entitled to as the person managing her home. All I ever asked in return was a small amount to cover things I got for her or her household, gifts to others and that was all rounding off to $1k. 

Taking care of her and my step-dad was simply the right thing to do. Especially since none of the other 6 kids in the family were not present at all. It was because Sallie and Bob (step-dad) alienated all of them. 
My mother did not raise me. She tossed me out of the house when I was a kid. So the California law that might imply I was required to care for her does not apply to me. 

I was so stressed out from this for a couple days. Grateful to a lawyer I spoke to who talked me off the ledge. She was amazing and helpful!

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