Pineapple under the sea

I have not heard from the Sherriff’s office since Friday and the email I tried to send them bounced back. By all eyes so far, their claims have no legs. To be blunt, it is just harassments from my family proving that their toxic lives are not a good fit for me. I have chosen a different path and cannot see myself in my parents.

The video above has resonated with me so hard since it first came out. Chester Bennington was someone I felt a weird connection to, his voice, his vibe, his being. When he left our world that one hurt.

His voice, his song is the soundtrack of soul crushing pain in my head. It happens more than one would think, but I am hardly the lone ranger on that. The song feels like it pushes back on the angst and anguish as if to cast light on it.

This version is particularly fun because …well, it was fun to watch.

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