Another Week Gone

New rule… don’t apply a title to these entries until it is actually written. Usually it never finishes the way it was intended to begin. Including but not limited to applying new rules – as such.
This has been a hard week and it does not seem to be getting any easier. The universe is handing me one challenge over another dealing with them is getting steeper. I know the minute I bitch too much about one angle of the equation there shall come another that will knock me over as well.
It’s hard to reeeeeallllly bitch too much because I know so many people in the world have it much worse off. Every day I walk through this city is testimony to that. This city is full of cycles and the pulling poles of all things in life never seemed so obvious anywhere else I ever lived. Maybe it is not even that? Maybe because of the unique spectrum of the universe… blah blah astrology, Aztecs, tarot, spooky-spooky …yeah.
My witchy people know what I mean.
San Francisco
This city is yin and yang, it is opposing forces repelled from each other with ferocity, on every level I can see. As many poor and homeless there are privileged. As many happy-go-lucky hippies there are the so-so-serious. As many happy there are sad.
I can’t wait to know what it is to be happy.
There is some blessing and in no order that include my mom, my dog Tom; whom I miss greatly. And my bf whom it seems we are connected on some beautiful levels.
Otherwise, I am experiencing a new level of tolerance for stress and distress. Facing a complete loss of income in the coming days I am desperate for a job and really want to get back to working. Even volunteering for stuff feels good.
I hate I am getting older. I hate that everything hurts. I hate that I look older. I feel like a 20 year old inside. My dick doesn’t always agree though. ha ha ha ha.
So – guess I am just ranting and should stop about now. Toodles.

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