When I win the Lottery

So what is hope? What is salvation? What is happiness? I can;t say I have known any of these things in such a very long time. There has been about a dozen times when someone read my palm, read my tarot cards or something and said I was going to have a great windfall in the not so distant future…
So there you go; I already won the lottery tonight and all you bitches should just go home home and fuck-off. I bought 5 tickets today and my mom bought 5 too. You can’t win if you don’t play… and I have leverage BECAUSE the universe said so!
I am visualizing it now.. I have the Secret… I see how it will all go down:

  • All MY Bills & Debts Paid | Mom’s Mortgage | Dad’s Mortgage (yes, him too) | Hire a lawyer and an Accountant… not all necessarily in that order. I guess this is how I see the priorities.
  • Review my finances and my ‘BIG PICTURE’ and then move on to the list of things…
  • I see college funds for nephews, nieces and (choke) grand nephews and nieces…
  • I see a car and a house in my future…
  • I see a short vacation…
  • I see me buying a restaurant somewhere and setting up shop until I drop fucking dead….

I would totally keep Chantha with me – I believe. He’s been an amazing boyfriend and I am glad he is in my life.
I would have to do something to make the world a better place somehow… homelessness is always something that really bugged the shit out of me. Can’t do anything for the fuck-holes that won’t help themselves or will spend the rest of their lives living off someone else.
I would have to make someone’s life better; or several someones. What can I do to make your road ahead a better chance of you being a success and be able to to the same for someone else??? NOT by handing you a wad of money… fuck that.
This is my promise… this is exactly what I always expected to do with my sudden wealth… I would make my life better and people that matter as well! Yes, I see it now… I got the secret.

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  1. Winning Numbers:
    02 | 04 | 23 | 38 | 46 ||23
    My Numbers:
    11|15|36|44|51||05 – nope – 0 matches – I picked these
    03|18|21|33|44||13 – nope – 0 matches – I picked these
    23|24|31|42|45||36 – nope – 1 match – Quick Picks
    04|05|08|15|25||05 – nope – 1 match – Quick Picks
    04|05|06|14|36||18 – nope – 1match – Quick Picks

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