Projects Ho!

I have some really powerful community projects I am working on. They all pretty much tie into Burning Man in some way because it is a community of souls I have really adopted. It is important to me to cultivate that energy.

  • / : is a project that will hopefully result in being able to grant artists grants by the date of the Burnal Equinox in 2012. It evolves around a structured system in a culture that seems to want to reject order. But, the focus of this project IS community, cultivating art & performance, and growth in a group dynamic.
  • / : my new Burning Man camp that will have yoga classes through the week and have art classes. It will also promote a week long art project by the residents that will burn on Sunday before temple.
  • / : A shout-out on the JRS from Burning Man made the cockles of my heart warm for this project that is gaining real momentum.
  • I proposed a concept to Burning Man about something called M.A.S. (Member Action System) where a network is built for members to support members like and EAP program seen in many businesses. EAP is Employee Action Program that supports people with alcohol, narcotic and other kinds of addictions and problems seeking assistance.
  • …hmmm  oh “Final Passage” is my HUGE art project for burning man

So, as much as I focus on my projects and laying seeds to greatness, there are so many times I wish it all brought in an income. If I were a Kardashian I might implode. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

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