Taken Inventory

So, I made the commitment for moving to San Francisco as of June 1st and because in the beginning of May  there was a moment where I had to shit or get off the pot. I have been in Vegas longer than anywhere else in life I have ever lived.
That is not such a bad thing because I have accomplished a lot of things while living here. I have lived while living here. I have been faced with people of the darkest souls and enriched by the most loving of hearts. I cannot tell you some of the things I have done, because there are some things that just don’t go into writing unless your getting a million dollar commission on it and appearing on Oprah.
While the wins here have been huge, there has been a lot of heart felt losses. While I grappled to hold on positive relationships, I bailed out quickly on those that felt disingenuous and poisonous.

  1. I had a great relationship with a man I credit as a soul mate even though I lost it
  2. I got my Associates Degree in Culinary and got to know a top chef in the U.S.
  3. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in web design
  4. I traveled from here to Buenos Aires, Thailand, and Bali
  5. I have eaten at some of the best restaurants you can imagine

The one thing I cold not wrap my head around in this city is the people. When I went to San Francisco a couple of years ago a homeless woman went into a Rite Aide and she did something wrong. The clerk asked her to stop and she politely responded. I was so shocked I needed to know what planet I was on.

Winterfest 2011

It seems like the worst street trash could come into this town and get a job and make tons of money. Now, the economy is so bad that people are clinging on to the few jobs remaining. Idiots are still the dominant species in town and the arrogant monkey butt scratchers have thinned out a lot.
If it were not for the Burner community here I am sure I would have gone completely insane. Most of them are really great people and yet there are some who will never ever ever get “it”.
No one is perfect or no place will be better than the last unless you (me) can change. I just feel like I am staring at a wall here and there is no place for me. I have been out of work in Vegas for a year. Yes, I have been “working” but I am barely making it by. I feel like a new stride and new paths can lead to something pretty amazing.

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