2011 Moving Forward

This looks like it can be an exciting year with some of the things I am doing with Burning Man as an event I plan on attending and participating in for 2011.

Me and Monotropolis at Burning ManMy fear is that all these politics of the last year are crushing me and, although the damage seems like it is done, it’s time to just find my own feet and move forward without the interference with the dream killers. It is my own fault, but I have already lamented over this enough.

I have 3 art projects planned for this year and once I get these clicking, I am hoping to find inspiration for more. My flagship project for this year is called Final Passage; relative for the Burning Man theme “Rites of Passage” for Burning Man this year. It is taking great shape and I brought on two partners in the completion of this yesterday. I am seeking one more and then I need to get through the fund raising part of this.

The second project is called “gluttony” and it will deal with some of my issues with self-image and other baggage I am looking to channel into a presentation that is conceivably more simple than Final Passage for example.

Plan for Public Announcement delivered at After-Burn 2010Finally, is “Public Announcement” that I am having a problem conceptualizing. OR!!!!! I have it done already. Sep 2010 I made what my vision was and brought it to our “After Burn” and it did not translate. The delivery method, shown here, was lost on basically everyone. I am wondering if I bring it to Burning Man for center camp if it will translate in 2D instead.

The lessons from last year  trying to get “Monotropolis” to Burning Man resonate with me and I am taking those lessons to the bank. I got a lot of helpful advice from people who are today not my friends anymore and it makes me really sad.

Only hope is the light that leads my way through this journey and I stand radically self expressive and self reliant to get my goals accomplished. All I can do is hope and pray that the journey opens new doors.

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