Things have been going well, relatively speaking, and the blessing haqve continued to come. If only I could find some stable ground to stand on along the way.
I need to get a job or find some legal/valid source of income happening more than big art projects. This one project I am hoping will start to establish some credit because I am also joining with some other creative people to get this done. Apathy is killing me.
Saturday night was Winterfest and it was really cool. I enjoyed it a lot. I really felt something very different that night. It is special to know there are some people out there that are really supportive and loving. I looked and treated people differently, less with expectations, more with just what the universe was handing me.
In the course of that I met some cool people and hopefully set foundations for more cool stuff in the future.
I also had a meeting with some Burning Man brass on Friday and got some critical feedback from some things and I think I have already taken it to heart. Time for new pathways. The journey has been good, but it is time to make new paths.

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