Happy Tuesday

Well, I know most of my blogs are just me bitching about this or that. Maybe relaying too much on my own personal drama. Frankly, I am trying to make my left the best I can make it.
Being unemployed so long has been making me a little nuts. I do stay very busy. Imagine trying to start a handful of businesses and taking all the odd jobs I can find just to get through the day.
I have my web design stuff at StudioSK and then added to that gotNurv. These are the two I was hoping would generate more money or at least provide me a channel to make money or get a real job. Unfortunately neither has resulted. I am employer pariah it seems. I keep thinking people look at me and see my age, but I am NOT that old.
Also, for those who might be out of date I have a boyfriend now. Aldo is a sweet guy, but I am still holding back on some levels because he is 20 years younger than I am. He is sweet, as previously mentioned, but I am worried a lot about knowing I am dating an adult.
He and I have some seriously weird shit in common and relate well in some areas. So, there is a lot of hope. I think we had our first “fight” yesterday which was really me jumping into his shit over something.
Anyway, here’s to hoping life just gets better and better. I need wealth really bad right now… so come on universe throw me a bone.

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