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Fortunately, this is the blog I have that I don’t think the people in or around Burning Man pays any attention to. It’s been a rough few months in my burner world and took me to the edge of nearly abandoning this life altogether.

Anyone who knows me and my life here, Burner stuff is the one thing that has given me light. I have to say, I hated life in Vegas before getting involved with the Burner community.

None the less, when I began in September ’08 I spent a lot of time staying out of the politics of the community. In fact, I made a quick exit any time it came up. Somewhere along the way I took on a label as an organizer and was soon eyeball deep in drama and politics.

I tried not to be a cause of any of it… but when I complained to Burning Man about the abuses of a local regional a new shit storm came and seems to be blowing over. He really needs to resign because he has been such an asshole. Ironically, he has also done some awesome things for me and for the community. But one screw up can destroy all the good work you left behind. It’s a bigger picture thing.

Another group of people in Vegas from the head camp of Burning Man – who recently moved here to Vegas – and I have also locked horns a bit. It’s fucking sucked because these First Camp people are people I would like to know. Many I genuinely like. I cannot believe the snobbery of some.

Once in a conversation I heard dialog that sounded a lot like they were kings of the hill and they were looking down at all the less worthy participants. I don’t think she was aware of what she said. The sense of __________ is a little unnerving, but not shocking given SOME of the attitudes I have seen.

The one woman of Burning Man whom I have really been blown away by is Marian… she is a sexy woman and a bright soul. For anyone paying attention to this blog, she is like 2nd in command at BM whom I met a couple of times and feel invigorated when we have spoken. She is charming and seems grounded. Way cool.

Anyway, I have had a lot of problems communicating with people in the community lately and probably put my foot pretty deep into my mouth. I really should have just stayed out of it… maybe I’ll learn next time.

I have put my name in the bowl to be a regional in the community and if they accept my application, I think I can do a good job. I know 2 of the others who have too and know they would be awesome as well.

Sorry for all the babble here…. more to come.

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