The Universe

Okay, now to something a little less schizophrenic. To start off with, a little background, I am a believer in Augurism (spell check tells me this is not a word). It is something they last used (to my knowledge with the exception of current Wicca) in ancient Rome to tell the future, present past blah blah blah. Like if an eagle appeared in the sky the battle would be victorious; end of long explanation.
Been seeing a lot of signs, but because of the DISASTER that was my move to Portland, I have been ignoring things and letting other things stand in my way. Today, no less than half a dozen sign and one actually spoken to my FACE by someone completely out of character like she was possessed…. yeh.
I think God or the Universe or whatever… has been kicking me in the balls over and over and over and I am too engrossed in NOTHING to listen.
Hm… when I am sober tomorrow I’ll revisit these thoughts.

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  1. My Horoscope today: “It’s difficult to get to the source of your uneasiness today, but an unspoken truth could resurface again and again in a series of disagreements. However, you might be arguing about something that’s completely irrelevant while the real issue remains just outside of your awareness. Be smart and save your harsh words for another day after you’ve had time to calm down.”
    Well, this is usually a good horoscope. I checked it after my posting above… it has the nerve to check out something else entirely! HA HA HA

  2. hm… weird… yes, not buzzed anymore. Nothing major… just an end of the day cocktail and now just still seeing weird signs. And still typing on this stupid page.
    My mom reads this and can comment. I also set up Adolfo and my middle step-schwester! (German for sister)
    At least I am not dialing any phone numbers. Is anyone else listening to my bullshit????

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