10 Things…

10 things I hate about Vegas

  1. That people are routinely unreliable, flaky, and ambivalent
  2. That people really exist in their own micro-verse in spite of words that falsely portray otherwise
  3. That MPD is lazy, corrupt and civically irresponsible in my opinion
  4. That it is so unfriendly to pets
  5. That it is so hard for people on one side of town don’t connect to the people on the other side of town – “it’s too far” – it’s 20 minutes to drive almost anywhere in town!
  6. That dating here here has been so hard
  7. That greed and indulgence and dependence or so easy to find
  8. That unemployment is so high
  9. That I find it hard to believe in anyone here – politically, community, heroically
  10. That I personally have lived the life of a phoenix so many times and am looking forward to my next rebirth

There will be a few more lists while I think about my own accountability. Getting the negatives out first seemed to be the way to start.

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